Your healing is an entirety of EVERYONE being healed along with you. The only way to heal is to be healed. It is the acceptance of the Atonement to be undone, a return to remembrance of your Wholeness, rather than a change in physical phenomena. Your not being afraid of being healed will extend as love from you to your brother and is the healing agency. Only through this miracle-mindedness it becomes literally impossible to see or know about sickness.

Within my story there was a time when I was wandering around and was looking for a place where I would be able to experience myself in a totality of reflections. I was desperate when being attacked by the world, by my own thoughts I projected out there so that I could justify my identity as a human.




And I was saddened and frustrated when I saw how everyone around me was struggling in this battle to “survive,” was angry and fearful, was sick and growing old. Once I cried out for help and asked God to take care of me, and handed over my defenses, A Course in Miracles was given me. And it came in the appearance of a Circle of Atonement, consciousness associations who demonstrated to me that they wanted nothing but to live that all the time. From that moment on I saw miracle-mindedness reflecting back to me and recognized – as I do right now – myself being healed in and through the Christ Mind in me, and reflected by my brothers.
This is an example that it is a miracle. I am not really talking about the change of my images, the circumstances I found myself in within my own dream, but the experience I had of at least temporarily being released from my attack thoughts and being restored in a communication far greater than ever conceptually imagined. I found myself communicating with my brothers not here in the world, but in a state of grace, a Real World. I was feeling love and experienced its healing power. I realized that when I am healed I am not healed alone. Along with me, everyone is already healed and back Home in Heaven. This is truly the miracle of Love, our Awakening in the resurrected Christ Mind. This message comes directly from Jesus to me and explains to you how His demonstrations of healing work. (1/III., p.60-61)

Thus begins Day 2 with a personal story I still can remember very well. Without coming from a personal experience, any attempt to conceptually describe this second day would be meaningless. It is the day of experiencing that I am not a body; I am free; there is no death. I could not succeed in my attempts to die. The action of mind underlying this experience I call surrender or God dependency.
Before I start with a short description of what happened to me on that day, I have to say that as a human conceptual mind I did not know what ‘surrender’ means. I had collected some spiritual ideas about it to replace my old ideas of being victimized by my world – but that was more or less the horizon on which I operated. Of course, I have many memories of remembering how I came to this devastating experience that “led” to my awakening, yet truly there is no link of memory to the past, because there simply is no past. I can say that surrender was my last action of mind I had as a human being before I left this world and resurrected, the very last thought within a conceptual mind structure, within the “matrix.” Truth is that my awakening from the dream of death has nothing to do with any idea of “past memory” at all. Reasonably understood, surrender can be called “the last illusion” or better “the undoing of the last illusion.” (2/I., p. 133)


…I was utterly exhausted and just paddled on my back in between the waves breaking in. I was at the end of finding a solution. I thought, “This is it? This is how ‘I’ end?” These thoughts let me panic for a moment and I tried with my last efforts to swim harder with the waves in order to reach the ‘beach-side’ of them. Nothing worked.
I had no choice left. I gave up. I thought, “O.K., God, have me. O.K., sea, I am yours. Do what you like!” I did not make any effort to stay above the waves when they broke above my head and felt how I was being tumbled around under the water.
This happened several times and while I was ‘waiting’ to finally drown with the next wave, I still was backstroking in slow motion, and my body staying above the surface. Suddenly I noticed that I was moving towards the beach, where I arrived utterly exhausted within a minute.
The current of the sea underneath must have pushed me through the collapsing crowns of the waves.
Utterly exhausted, I recognized that I could not die. I realized that power is not of the body, nor in the body, but only in the mind. I don’t know how long I sat there, tears rolling down my face. When I was able to tell my friends the story they remembered that once in this little bay more than a thousand indigenous people camped out here were surprised by a huge wave which dragged most of them out into the sea where they drowned.
I knew and had no doubt that I experienced a miracle which offered me another chance to see things and myself differently....



The miracle was the re-established communication with God that occurred once I gave up and let Him lead the way. Before this I thought I would know myself without the integration of the fear and terror at the bottom of myself. Though I knew all through the experience that I am not a body and that the dream could not really affect or harm me, there was no way to escape my own thoughts within the dream except by giving up. Can you hear this?!
It is impossible to know yourSelf without turning your will over to God. This is what SURRENDER is and nothing else. (p.134