by Karyn, Editor

…Based on the Christian teachings of A Course in Miracles, yet addressing as well principles of eastern tradition, Only One Love Is offers you a very personal opportunity for, let’s call it, “an unraveling” of yourself. Yet don’t be concerned, as a high level of reconstruction follows. And so I invite you to join with the author in a memory of descent into your apparent objective world of separation from everything and everyone; from God Himself (Day 1), recognition of the futility of the experience of separate identity, followed by your subsequent surrender (Day 2), and finally, though always only right now, your resurrection and recognition of your eternal nature (Day 3).


And so Only One Love Is guides you into a present memory of your Self. The use of Jesus’ words from A Course in Miracles throughout much of “Dr. Rabbit’s” book adds a depth of love and memory that helps to catalyze this experience. Since A Course in Miracles is an invaluable focus and transformational gift in my life personally, the treasure was that I found my own heart and dedication even more impassioned to read and experience the Course’s text and workbook lessons. I was inevitably filled with an even greater richness of the experience of Christ’s love, and it is clearly out of such love that all true Experience emanates. Only One Love Is leads you, the reader, to this and graciously encourages you to undergo your own discovery of the power of the Course, to fully embrace and live the daily lessons of the Workbook, to read the text. The magnitude of its offering is an unsurpassable gift; and so it is out of my own love that I join in this invitation to you.

I believe it is important to mention as well, that though reference is consistently made in this book to the Course, there is most definitely a clear relevance for readers and students of Eastern traditions. Having had a rather extensive experience with Eastern teachings himself, the author fully incorporates Eastern concepts generally considered useful on one’s ‘path to enlightenment.’ Eastern practices of ‘Inquiry’, transcendence, surrender, etc. are looked at. Their effectiveness and limitations are talked about. Most importantly, I feel, it is made apparent how all is useful and integrated into a final experience of forgiveness, healing and wholeness; remembrance of Self. This, of course again, is the teaching of Jesus, and the vernacular is inconsequential, for it is the experience that is universal and applies to both East and West. The Eastern method of Inquiry finally is, in fact, only another way of remembering one’s necessity for this same forgiveness. And so finally, as well, all ends with a real experience of total inclusiveness of everyone and every-thing as the Love that you are. Yet this really is no different than saying that all ends in A Course in Miracles. (from Foreword/ p. XIII-XIV)


I like this idea of three days: Day 1 consisting of coming here, Day 2 recognizing that I had enough of this world, making the decision that “I don’t want it anymore” and Day 3 leaving this place of despondency and death in the resurrecting Light Experience that there is no death, that the Son of God is free. Truly it is not more than one single instant in time.
On Day One I had thought an entire world into ‘existence’ and searched my way through its maze of objectivity and apparent separation.
On Day Two I gave up, after releasing my defenses that had justified my apparent existence in the world I saw. With a cry to release myself from what I came to know never could have been, I surrendered to God. In this surrender, yet to my surprise, and through the infinite Grace of an eternally loving God –
Day Three was given me to be recognized as the only “Day” Wherein I ever could exist; to live as the Son of God Who shares with His Father the love of the universe.
This is the day of celebration, for the third day is the one of resurrection. On the third day, I again knew what I always have known. Our mind is re-aligned with the One Mind, God, our Source, and our only purpose is clear and singular in simply Being That. A Voice echoed in my mind: You are resurrected, you extend, you shine. In this eternal holy Instant, you are the glory, the living holy Son of God Himself, Who is eternally with His Father, indeed has truly never left His Home. Holy Child of God, you are indeed and forever blessed. This is the eternal moment in which you always ARE, in Truth. Simply, let it be so.... (from What Is This All About?/ p. 9)