Everyone “here” searches for a purpose that ultimately is expected to bring about an experience of fulfillment and peace. Let me offer you a SINGULAR PURPOSE only in which we can be joined. For this I’ll look back for a moment at my own personal story and use it as a demonstration of how I accepted such purpose for myself. When I identified with the human condition and believed myself to be separate from God, I had no idea what SINGULAR purpose meant. Neither could I find anything in the world worth staying for while waiting to die, to end this dream of pain and loss. As a human I definitely was in a state of constant lack of purpose, though I kept myself busy with all kinds of nonsense.
In these moments of frustration and depression when seeing how my well-protected purposes in the world only brought me pain, suffering, loneliness and loss of loved relationships, I started searching finally for a more fulfilling and true purpose.




While I believed I was part of the world (as already described in the beginning…), I tried to find purpose by studying, accumulating scientific “knowledge” and being successful therein. I wanted to prove to myself that I had a certain strength in me which was greater than in others, more valuable, more fulfilling, more enduring. I thought, “One day I’ll wake up and know why I am here…”
And I did wake up – in truth it is happening right now and never in the past – from a dream of death I was dreaming and believed I shared with everyone I saw in my little world. It happened actually through my recognition of the impossibility of reaching a true purpose in the world. I woke up and came to know that in fact I always had a true purpose in my mind, but had previously denied it because my interests were focused on worldly objects. Though I experienced this immense “burning” to stay in the recognition of loving mySelf and sharing this Love beyond the human’s special relationship, I had no idea that this would become a whole part in the fulfillment of my true purpose. Since I did not know how it would be orchestrated, I preferred for a while to negate it and rather see myself as purposeless, which could only be true while the world is believed to be real.
I had had the experience that there is no world and I always liked to share it, yet it took me a moment to totally accept the fact that I just wanted to extend this message to all of myself, and do nothing else. It was, then, only by the teaching of A Course in Miracles and the Teachers of God I invited into my mind that a singular purpose, forever true and extending as ever shining Light, was fully accepted as the only action in my mind. What was important for me was the decision to participate in a greater joining, the Circle of Atonement. I had to be in the proximity of that Light conversion and experience it within my own mind. To accept the purpose of being a ‘converting agency’ looks like a happy dream in which I experience my own healing which comes “back in” as my certainty of having a purpose here. Indeed, it is nothing else but being certain that I want only the Peace of God and joining with my brother in my Father’s Love HE has for me and you and everyone.



My purpose here is to remember “Who I am” and to be totally available and in service for the extension of this message of Resurrection. I could call my function “salvation, forgiveness, letting go of grievances, loving myself, being happy, lightening up the world, giving everything…” or any synonym for these ideas which offer an experience not of this world, out-of-time. It will still remain the same ACTION OF MIND, being determined only to be with my Father in Heaven. This was all part of the plan, how the escape from this world was divinely performed by His Son Who just dreamed separation from His Creator, the eternal Creative Power of all there is. He had thought for a single instant of separation to exist here in the world, being of the world. And now the truth of it is remembered.
Besides this looking for a true purpose, another reason why you are “here” is that you are afraid of your own EMOTIONS. You are afraid of YOUR OWN THOUGHTS that you have made up within a structure that was always conducive to an attack on God. All emotions, which are basically expressions of only love or fear, can only be recognized in yourself as yours, and always move along with their opposites.
I myself was careful for a long time about being attached to any emotions because I believed that they could really harm in one way or another and would obstruct me from finding the Love that has no opposite, God. This is called guilt. All I had really been afraid of was God, the Light. So, there is really only love or fear of love. Emotions are expressions in an illusionary reality based on the belief “I am a body, relating with other bodies,” and arise in the mind as condensed thoughts. This is why you need a Light Circle for their undoing. But listen! I am relating only with Light-bodies. My body is Light, and in seeing the Light in my brothers I simply see my own Light and witness my own awakening. (2/II., p. 154-156)