THANK YOU for Joining with me, THE HONOR IS MINE!

My Gratitude to you...
I “IS” very happy to see and hear from you. I could not have done that without YOU. It is the true meetingwith mySelf, and so it must be for you...
It is happening in the Circle of Atonement, and by Eastern associations within Satsang. However you may name this holy meeting Place in your mind, your experiencing God, It happens Where You Are Home. It is your own inner sanctum of Self, the altar on Which you discoverthe “lilies of forgiveness.”
You may call this Power you feel inside yourself “Spirit,” “Soul,” “Love,” “Life,” “Light...” or by any name; it does not matter. Thank you for allowing this Power of God to expand in you and through you!
Thank you for your open-mindedness, which is the open Heart, recognizing this very moment that fear, suffering, forgetfulness, dreaming, ignorance, not-knowing yourSelf, etc. does NOT exist in God.

Only GOD IS – as YOU ARE.



From now on you will only focus on HIM, the Christ in you and in your brother, That Power, as you proceed Home. In this you are forever unified with all your loved ones and the whole universe..., because we are joined in One Mind, the Mind of God.
No effort is needed, no methodical thoughts are required. Nothing is so easy to perceive as truth. You do not need to give attention to what you still might call “sense objects,” the world-appearances you made-up, and relate with in a particular way. None of them are true. “This here,” the world you think you see, is not what ‘Life’ is. There is NO world! You are only the pure, untouched and unchangeable Presence of Light.
Whatever appears cannot ‘touch’ YOU in truth. Your faith in God has been answered now within the CERTAINTY of being His holy Son. To know This is wisdom, the experience of God’s Light as your Self, your Awakening. You can only be certain of “Who you are” when you SHARE your experience without any preconceptions of purpose other than your extension of love, and without other goals or intended results. For in the giving is your own acceptance of what you received.
I do not imagine to help someone by perceiving lack! There is nothing to teach but truth, and nothing to understand that is not of mySelf, because there is nothing outside mySelf. I am teaching to myself SINGULAR REALITY, singular causation. Listen carefully! You are doing this unto yourself. You are the cause of all of this, and this cause in truth NEVER was.
Forget all about it. Forget what you are not – about every thing. Remember once more (guided by the Holy Spirit) the laws of chaos, the laws which govern all illusions, the world you see. They are of the ego. Then deny the ego completely and remember the Laws of God with me. All-Knowledge is already given you, in God’s Presence, and is within your own mind. This is how I heal and experience being healed. And... "when I am healed, I am not healed alone.
This is not for conceptual understanding, because it is not understandable. You have to BE IT!
Who is here to teach or help whom? Inquire into this deeply, so that you can understand God’s Word Which is but Creative Thought. There is No-One here but HIM as mySelf to teach and extend truth to the Kingdom in order to learn what I am NOT! I can teach only what I know to be myself. And I invite you to teach A Course in Miracles coming from your own revelatory Experience.
A true Teacher offers no teaching in particular! He IS all the teaching there is. This is the truth. Any meaning other than this is preaching and “selling” concepts, not appreciating what is right now happening: the MIRACLE that is all around us and inspires the revelation of God’s Grace. This ‘Living in the resurrection’ is the curriculum of a required Course.
It is no-one other than you who has chosen and determined the situation that somehow God’s Voice, as the Awakened Consciousness in your brother, speaks to you in a language you are able to understand. But always remember! HE chose you to be His Extension, His worthy Son Who truly was never lost. What luck!



You, STAND STILL and be silent for a moment and listen!

This is how you are touched by HIS Grace and make yourself “prepared” to hear His Voice. Thus communication with God is re-installed. You are literally on ‘Highest Alert’. HE will teach through you.
This experience you are having right now will never fade away or be one of your temporary past experiences. It refines Itself by your extension of this Light That you ARE, Which is the idea of ‘giving yourself away’. You literally ‘fall in love’ with HIM, Who is yourSelf, and HE shows you His boundless Love for you, how ‘deep the rabbit-hole goes’. There is no end as there was never a beginning. And you will learn exactly as you teach. But to ‘teach’ the world conceptually and maintain a human condition in separation is to teach nothing but despair and death. It is solely an attempt to find a solution by educating your dream figures – who are but yourself – in something they are not.
If you believe that you ‘live here in the world’, this is what death is. We have come here to this dream-‘earth’ to die, and only in this realization we are beginning to live Now. His Love extends to us, and to experience the truth of This only, is to recognize Life. Thus we are liberated together from the imagined wheel of “birth and death” because we recognize that we have had enough of the suffering in these temporary states. Conceptual approaches, offered by various “New Age” prophets and psychic PhDs and MDs, attempting to prolong the ‘life’ of this pile of dust and water, are nothing but a slight cough in the universe. Who wants to stay here?! In this speck of mud, doing nothing but spinning around its axis in circles?! You can invest your money in a much better way: Live for a Singular Purpose!
You are NOT a body. You ARE Spirit.
You ARE Eternal LIFE, infinite Creative Thought, Creative Power, God CONSCIOUSNESS, One Singular Reality, without opposite. IT cannot be seen by the body’s eyes, or held as a feeling, perceived or examined in any human way; YOU ARE IT and Have It forever by GIVING It to your brothers who are yourSelf!
If you have any doubts, ask for help and trace any sense of “I” back to that experience by integrating everything and including yourself in this Light conversion, and you cannot not-see your own Reality in your brother, in any image of your mind. Thus you but recognize yourSelf.
Thank you for showing up. It is all that ever was needed.
Thank you for your determination to express what you really want and your perseverance to listen, learn and do.
Welcome Home! I love you eternally.

Dr. Rabbit/Devavan

I am RESPONSIBLE for everything here.
I am SORRY for the mistake!
Thank you for forgiving me!
Let’s leave this place NOW.
Are you ready for THIS?!



“I acknowledge with honor and gratitude to Almighty God, the Father, the constant Experience of transformation and healing that is occurring in me and in all the world.
Living in the Resurrection in Love and Joy and through my own forgiveness, my personal full endeavor brings about the revelation that joins my Brother and me directly with God.”
(Conclusion/ Summary, p. 328-331)


I am as God Created me.
If I remain as God Created me,
fear has no meaning, evil is not real,
and misery and death do not exist.
I am as God Created me.*


I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole,
shining in the reflection of His Love.
In me is His Creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal Life.
In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and Joy established without opposite.
I am the holy Home of God Himself.
I am the Heaven where His Love resides.
I am His holy sinlessness Itself, for in my purity abides His own.*


* from A Course in Miracles