Since the beginning of time you have applied all kinds of means in the attempt to fix the split in your mind, and in these efforts you were but denying your own Reality. You protected your ignorance about the truth of your Being. Caught up in this unfortunate belief, the ego told you not to look within and not to reason, so you would never ask the questions: “Who – first of all – is ignorant of the truth when there is only the Light of God’s Mind?” and “Who is seeing this ignorance, the world?”; “What is this ignorance all about?”

These were the questions that helped me ‘face’ this final obstacle of the fear of God, the Light, and led me to an inevitable Experience beyond any comprehension: the experience of “me” disappearing, seemingly dissolving, into that One Power of Singular Reality, recognizing that “I” was never real as what I thought myself to be. Coming back for a moment with that Light, I give It to the world and offer It to you. Thus I have become a converting energy factor of dark form into Light and fulfill a real purpose for Life with all of myself as I AM.




I inquired into these questions: To whom do these thoughts, these perceptions arise? and Who is the “I” responsible for all of it? and experienced that this “I” disappeared as soon as I looked only into myself. The “I” finally could not be found; was exposed to be nothing in particular, but merged into everything. I disappeared as what I was into everything there is. This is the undeniable truth of mySelf in the experience of Oneness with all of myself. To bring this recognition into NOW simply means: I DO NOT EXIST on the perceptual level as an entity at all. I AM ALREADY GONE. At the bottom of myself where this inevitable Experience occurs in this Holy Instant, there is no body, no concepts, no feelings, no sense-perceptions, no thoughts, no words or names, no identity – NO WORLD.
I had thought myself to be a body and used it in the false identity of being human as a means to deny true communication and healing in my entirety, and instead to demonstrate that I could be hurt, be vulnerable and frail. I used it thus to justify that sickness and death were real, with myself condemned to remain in the world and suffer its illusory effects of pain, sickness, loss and death. This is the ego’s teaching and the false reality as you designed yourself to be. Are you ready for the truth? To Be Enlightened, Awake, is but the certainty of the recognition that this thought that you are a body and in this world... has NEVER existed. It is the same as the complete uncertainty of the outcome of all thoughts as well as to be able to understand “who and what I am.” It is an Experience. (2/III., p.164-165)

The entire condition here as a human being is one of LACK and NEED. The most I could feel I was lacking was peace, joy, love. And a lack of love is what fear is. As a human I used to reduce my love through conceptualizing it to physical expressions and needs, and they in turn became real obstacles to my recognition of my perfection, as God created me.
My self-created obstacles to being that Love myself (being mySelf) finally could not keep me away from asking for a real solution and were recognized in an inventory within the mind as notions of the ego, the “I”-sense, that in truth are non-existent. Therefore there were no obstacles, expressions of lack, really affecting me or possibly keeping me away from truth. Seeing this, again I asked for guidance. And the Voice told me: “Just admit and recognize with your believing in obstacles that YOU ARE AN OBSTACLE IN ITS ENTIRETY, and salvation is yours that very instant.” (1/II., p.43-44)

I learned by the Eastern teachings to observe it or go into a transcendence in order to not feel this pain by asking the questions “Who is here to be affected?” and “How can I even call this illusion ‘affection’?” Though I was able to transcend my emotions going into a state of nothingness, or even release the pain momentarily, I had not found there a complete SOLUTION that was all inclusive, and which released everything. But my determination to finally see things differently was my decision so that vision could be given to me.
In this impossible situation, God has sent His Teachers to you. And they simply pointed to the solution that was and is always already within yourself but cannot be found as long as you continue to do something about it. This was and is their call: “ASK GOD FOR HELP! WELCOME HOME!” (2/I., p.144)