"...Once I cried out for help and asked God to take care of me, and handed over my defenses, A Course in Miracles was given me. And it came in the appearance of a Circle of Atonement, consciousness associations who demonstrated to me that they wanted nothing but to live that all the time. From that moment on I saw miracle-mindedness reflecting back to me and recognized - as I do right now - myself being healed in and through the Christ Mind in me, and reflected by my brothers. I found myself communicating with my brothers not here in the world, but in a state of grace, a Real World. In one single instant I realized that `when I am healed I am not healed alone´. It is the Love of God that I experience in its healing power in this union of minds joining. Along with me, everyone is already healed and back Home in Heaven.
This is truly the miracle of Love, our Awakening in the resurrected Christ Mind."
~ Devavan



…My consciousness was expanding without limits and everything became and was revealed to me as this Light. There was no image here that could have had reality; I was gone with all my story including this last futile journey to the cross. This Light of God shined it all away as it ever will and does now. It was not something that I could have seen with my body-eyes before; I saw IT with my Inner Eye, within my own whole Mind in Its eternally creative Presence. Energetically there was as much expansion as contraction, but what was inevitable to experience was that the Light Presence was simply HERE - NOW. I was in a state of total release. There were no obstacles to experiencing the peace of God.
I knew that I AM that Love and Joy, and I felt such gratitude that there was no other way than to express it with tears and laughter simultaneously.
Most of the time I was unable to speak, but as soon as I could, I felt an intense need to GIVE this experience away. In simple words, I would try to express what the nature of that perfection is and offer it to all of "myself" who were still with me in the Light….
(2/ IV., p.185)


Have you not always looked for an entire solution to your only problem of separation?
This was what you tried to share and believed in: bodies being separate and minds being locked in these bodies, unable to join except through acts of physicality. Fortunately this is never true, but it was for a moment real to you because you believed in it. And you are re-living this moment here over and over again.
Once I could not stand the painful results of this kind of thinking anymore, I actually thought myself able to come to a solution by DISCUSSING or WRITING about my problems and obstacles. This was before I was willing to personally undergo a process of complete transformation. Let's have a short look back in time at the kind of mind-structure we followed to maintain a reduced form of communication over and over again.
The fallacy that occurred by maintaining the split between me and those I tried to communicate with, the objects I observed, always resulted in ARGUING about literally nothing, something that was always past, over and gone. It did not serve me other than to keep me separate from my brother and in pain, to give me escape from the one solution to all of my problems. The identity which defends and escapes is always what death or blindness is. I was dead, blind and deaf and did not know how to bridge the gap to the Light of God that I truly could not not-know to be my original Home. As a human I was desperately looking for the solution here in every corner of my world, and was not able to find it. Again, I was told, "The only solution to all your problems is not here, but in your decision to have had enough of "this here" and have instead an experience of not being here at all."
I have undergone this Experience…. (1/III., p.54-55)



After I finished my University Studies of Veterinary Medicine as a DMV in Vienna, Austria, I traveled the North and Central American Continent and found out that Truth cannot be revealed by effort, whatever the appearance is. No-one is able to handle a situation, interfere in or improve or react to a condition within this world and expect as a result, Peace of Mind, a re-unification with God. I started questioning myself, whether being in a human condition in a world of constant change could possibly be what life is. In a revelatory Experience I came to know that no process in time is related to the eternal Nature of myself. All these apparent mistakes, which I have seen in myself and in my own images, occurred simultaneously for a single moment in my mind, and simultaneously the correction took place. But the devices I was offered later on for undergoing a mind-training were and are still very valuable and helpful. (from Introduction/ p. 3)


As long as you have not undergone an experience of One Singular Reality, you will believe in having a CHOICE and will choose between the meaningless self-made options you hold in your mind. Humans believe that they lose when they give, and that they can choose within their limited perspectives of evaluation what is worth supporting or not. I am telling you, "Recognize what does not matter and do what your brothers ask you." Why? Because it does not matter…, because you do not perceive your own best interests.
Finally I understood that I actually did not have a choice (because there is only mySelf here and every image that shows up is already in my mind and just needs to be recognized as being included in the conversion of my mind). I experienced an immense speed-up in my transformation - in the understanding that I did this, everything, to myself. (2/I., p.135)


In the action of being willing to surrender, I discovered that all ideas which I surrendered were never anything. I surrendered literally nothing. The Awakened Mind knows that and that is the reason why He will never ask you to give up anything you value, but only use it to show you what is forever true, and that the solution is in you and in no-one and nowhere else. It is indeed in the moment of devastation that you are willing to hand your will and life over to God by becoming aware that you don't want this world anymore and truly cannot handle the situation you find yourself experiencing in the world. If you are aware that you have had such a bottom-experience, you are with me remembering Its revelation moment-by-moment anew. (3/ p.206)


Once I found out that I AM MEETING ALWAYS ONLY MYSELF and there is no-one else "out there," the answer to the question "Who is surrendering to whom?" was obvious. The concept of surrender to my "Gurus" with whom I shared the Light, to "evil doers" who apparently wronged and abused me, and to all my idols I held so dear, then collapsed.
Now I am asking you, "WHAT do you really WANT for yourself?" Worship of idols and justification of your meaningless perceptions, or ultimate Peace of mind by getting out of this judgmental "place" and being Co-Creator with HIM Who has given YOU all Power? (2/I., p.145)


With this revelatory Experience, however, I did not really see that I have a FUNCTION here, a mission, to fulfill for a moment. To have this Experience was not of my doing, and everyone coming into my mind must have had an Experience, whether he (you) remembers It or not. The question is: What now? What are you doing with It? Are you wasting It once more by continuing to pretend you are of the world, planning to die again, or...?
These questions made me aware that I needed a PURPOSE for being here, and in this way still be in alignment with my Awakening and remembrance of not being from here. At this point A Course in Miracles* came to me, and has since then been helpful to me as "the way out from here." Through it a true purpose can be shown to me moment by moment anew, a purpose that is singular and extends the Light and Love of God. "I Am the Savior of the world" is my declaration I want to share with you. (from Introduction/ p. 5)
*The Words of Jesus of Nazareth from out of time about all you need to hear for your salvation in this continuum, a contemporary personal guidance to leave this time-space illusion; consisting of a Textbook, a Workbook with daily lessons and a Manual for Teachers; scribed between 1965 and 1973

To have the certainty of Being Awake and saved is only possible through the undergoing of a complete transformation, a "THOUGHT-REVERSAL," or reversal of perception's laws. This is brought about by a mind training, or simply the surrender of your thoughts for His. This reversal is only the undoing of all of your meaningless perception "here," allowing its conversion into Knowledge, a Seeing of Holiness that lights up the world by the Vision that is given you by God through the Holy Spirit. Such recognition is facilitated by 'hanging around' The ONE Whom you have seen within your own mind expressing this certainty. There is a clear awareness within you that He is awake; not of this world, not a body, and free of death. Your recognition of Him as your true Self for an instant allows you to participate in His offering and to share this "Diamond" with Him in a very joyous and easy way. No sacrifice is involved at all.
In your DECISION for this all-encompassing change, you are shown this is all you ever had and have to do. In making it, a big, inner fire is lit by Him. HE, your Master Teacher, IS the Holy Spirit, is Jesus of Nazareth, the One in every Awakened Mind, Who shows you the 'path' of Love and Joy and Peace by the means of forgiveness. Having experienced God and His eternal shining Light and coming back for a moment, you then cannot not-share a purpose that extends His Light, and that is and always has been in you. You are SEEING then all your memory that must have been included in your experience of leaving this place in a new light, the Light of the conversion of your mind in its entirety. This extension is recognized in me as Being the One healing, teaching, converting dark form into Light, co-creating with God. (from What Is This All About?/ p.11)

Some see it suddenly on point of death, and rise to teach it. Others find it in an experience that is not of this world, which shows them that the world does not exist because what they behold must be the truth, and yet clearly it contradicts the world. And some will find it in this course, and in the exercises that we do today. Today's idea is true because the world does not exist. And if it is indeed your own imagining, then you can loose it from all things you ever thought it was by merely changing all the thoughts that gave it this appearances. The sick are healed as you let go all thoughts of sickness, and the dead arise when you let thoughts of life replace all thoughts you ever held of death.**

When you choose to work this mind-training that will bring the inevitable change and reversal of all of your perceptions, this Experience will be your own. It is a fact that It works - right now - because It is the truth.
JESUS of Nazareth SPEAKS to you personally in A Course in Miracles. Start thinking reasonably about this key sentence: Truth is true and nothing else is true. And in the Introduction HE states:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
(from Introduction/ p. 6)

** from the URTEXT (unedited version) of ACIM, Lesson 132, "I loose the world from all I thought it was"
*** from Introduction of A Course in Miracles



The moment I knew that I was awake I could not stop laughing for a long time. I had to laugh so hard, because I could not understand how - throughout all my human experience - I was not able to see the truth of myself Which truly was always the most obvious; that I am not… and never was… "here," that as an image or part of the world, I do not exist and never existed. Everyone is finally PLAYING and joking! (2/II., p.159)


But the moment I made the DECISION to not want this repetitive dream, this world, anymore, I was freed, though I am seemingly RELIVING the time of terror which apparently took the place of love. I am reliving this single experience of devastation with you, and simultaneously its RELEASE, wherein we realize the instantaneous correction, and experience the perfect peace, love and joy that occurs in the speed-up of the CONVERSION of all form association into the Light and Love of God, right now. We are REMEMBERING in this moment nothing but our Awakening. This is what Knowledge is. And there is ONLY this moment and always has been; time is over. (1/V., p. 105)

Thank you from the depth of my Heart for joining me in this Adventure of a Great Awakening and Enlightenment - Dr.Rabbit (Devavan)